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Video – Sound Recognition

Screen Shot from Apple.com – iOS 14 – Sound Recognition Description
Screen Shot from Apple.com – iOS 14 – Sound Recognition Description

Sound Recognition

Here’s what appeared on my phone when I went and knocked on my door:

What is Sound Recognition?

Hundreds of millions around the world are deaf or hard of hearing. Sound Recognition is hear (pun-intended) to help! The feature is a new part of Apple’s Accessibility offerings designed at helping the hard(er) of hearing by alerting them of sounds they may not pick up on, such as fire and smoke alarms, knocking at the door, and even barking dogs.

The screen reads, “Door Knock A sound has been recognized that may be a door knock.” Along with an option to snooze the notifications for 5 minutes. It reaffirmed I had indeed heard someone knocking. If you have an Apple Watch, Sound Recognition notifications will appear on your Watch once you’ve upgraded to WatchOS 7 (which is built into iOS 14.) See? Another perk to the newest operating system!

Why Would I Want to Use Sound Recognition?

For example, the notification above shows a screen shot of my Apple Watch’s notification through Sound Recognition alerting me that someone was at knocking at the door (I *thought* I’d heard a knock… it was the neighbor’s door.) Similarly, when I, yet, again, set off my fire alarm using the “smokeless” grill, I was alerted to it going off, both on my Apple Watch and iPhone. I had just been outside watering my tomato plant, so I already seeing the potential benefits of the alerts.



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